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What is VR?

Think of virtual reality (VR) like watching a movie: cinema makes you feel like you saw the story, but VR makes you feel like you’re part of the story. VR uses technology to create a simulated environment, so people who use VR get to experience a whole new reality.

How does VR work?

VR is made by having a screen or headset close to your eyes. It sends a separate video to each eye, and your brain interprets this as an immersive 3D picture instead of just video. When an actress in a movie looks into the camera it’s almost like she’s looking at you, but when you’re in VR it feels like direct eye contact.

How do I use VR?

First time users in VR can get started with a smartphone and a simple headset, the headset will turn the phone into an inexpensive VR experience. When you purchase a ticket to Bash- we’ll send a headset so you can get started.

Won’t it just feel like there’s a box on my face?

The first time you use VR, it’s going to be a little weird. Once you start the experience you’ll be so immersed in this new world, you’ll forget you’re wearing a headset.

is VR safe?

As long as you’re not multitasking - yes. Make sure you’re sitting down and not trying to do anything else. The rest of the world will be blocked out, so be sure you take necessary precautions.

is VR expensive?

It depends, some people use pricy computers and fancy headsets, but you can get an incredible experience with nothing but a smartphone and a cardboard viewer.

Wait, I can get VR using cardboard?

It’s true! Google has designed a VR headsets so that anyone can enjoy; you put your smartphone in the front and look through the lenses. This is called mobile VR, and there are lots of variations.

Can I use something better than Cardboard?

Yes, you can find cellphone viewers that are more more comfortable than cardboard. Just look up ‘mobile VR viewers’ and you’ll find plenty of reviews; be sure that whatever you choose is compatible with your phone.

Will VR make me sick?

VR only makes you sick if the images aren’t delivered to your eyes fast enough. This is called frame rate, and it’s something most producers of VR content are working on. If you’ve gotten sick in the past - don’t give up! Try a different experience. Some people also feel sick if the experience has movement, so if you’re particularly sensitive try a still experience first.

How do I Bash?

After you buy a ticket, you’ll be sent a link to download the app for Bash. The app is what allows to you try VR.

How is this different from normal videos on YouTube?

The magic of VR comes from a sense of presence- a term used to describe a specific sensation of actually being there. No other medium comes close to establishing this presence.
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